Do you have a photo you have always wanted turned into a painting? Or are you looking for something unique to match your decor or vision? One made just for you?

Alex will create custom artwork for you: a portrait or an illustration or anything you want in oil, watercolor or charcoal.

The price is calculated based partly on the size of the painting, but moreso based on the desired complexity. A single person or simple scene on a canvas is much cheaper than a group of people or a multitude of details. I recommend 16x20 or 18x24 for the best looking portraits, and 24x30 or larger for beautiful landscapes. That being said please choose a size that will best fit in with your home decor.  If you are curious about what the price might be, here is a small guide to give you a ballpark.

8x10 Portrait - $75

16x20 Portrait of one person or animal. - $140

24x30 Full body portrait. - $425

24x48 Landscape painting with a single house or structure. - $500



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